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Protection for Maximum Exposure. For employees installing, maintaining or repairing high-voltage electrical systems, Petrochem™ Safety can produce Arc Rated clothing from PPE 1 , 6.1cal/cm² to PPE 83 cal/cm2 electrical switching coat, bib and hood with face shield provide protection from extreme electrical arc risks.

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Arc Rated T Shirt ( 10.9cal/cm²)

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Arc Flash Hood Shield with 43cal/cm² & 80cal/cm²

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Jacket & Bib Overall

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Arc Rated T Shirt ( 10.9cal/cm²)

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Arc Flash Safety

The purpose of this policy is to prevent injury due to Shock Hazard or Arc Flash. All Electrical work is to be done by certified & authorized personnel only, as perthe Canadian Electrical Code, Work Safe BC and CSA standard Z462.
All switch gear and transformers will be labeled to warn of Shock Hazard and Arc Flash and indicate the need for appropriate PPE. Whenever possible, equipment must be de-energized to eliminate the risk of Shock Hazard or Arc Flash.

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Protective Kit

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Arc Flash Protective Clothing

Protective clothing is very important, especially in industries where workers have to deal with electricity almost on a constant basis. If an arc flash incident occurs in your workplace, the workers’ protective equipment is viewed as the last line of defence to protect your workers from getting injured. This will help reduce the number of injuries and possibly save them from life-threatening injuries. As such, the absence of protective clothing could prove to be fatal in these industries. With arc flash protective clothing, you do not have to worry about being exposed to harmful substances as the fabrics used are safe and meet the safety standards. Arc protective clothing can help you avoid any unfortunate accidents while working on live circuits and help protect you from flashovers. 

With that in mind, we comprehend that the best protective clothing should be provided to your workers, and with our arc protective clothing, that is exactly what you will be provided to them. At Petrochem Safety, it is our main priority to provide you and your workers with products that meet safety standards to help keep your workers safe while they are on the job. As one of the top suppliers of arc flash protective clothing in Malaysia, all of our protective clothing is made with care and adheres to a strict procedure to ensure that our clients get quality products that meet their needs and requirements. If you are looking to equip your workers with arc flash protective clothing, then contact us today to determine how Petrochem Safety can serve you.