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Chemical suits are used in many lines of work, such as firefighters, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, researchers, cleaning specialists, and more. The chemical suit is one of the most important elements of these jobs, as these suits help keep the workers safe from harmful substances and chemicals that they are exposed to. As one of the leading chemical suit suppliers in Malaysia, our aim is to provide companies that require chemical suits with suits that meet international standards on top of being designed with quality without foregoing comfort.


Product Feature

Petrochem Safety provides different types of chemical suits with different features and different materials to ensure that your employees are always safe and comfortable, especially when dealing with hazardous materials or being put in dangerous situations. The fabrics that are provided by Westex are the best in the industry as the fabrics that are produced by Westex are properly tested and have good durability to be used in chemical suits. The fabrics produced by Westex are also flame resistant, which can also help you avoid unnecessary injuries while performing dangerous tasks. In our chemical suits, we use Westex ShieldCXP, Westex Indura and Westex Indigo.

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Our chemical suits are also designed to protect the workers wearing them from chemical splashes. Chemical splash resistance is essential for workers who work with chemicals, and our suits are resistant to corrosive liquids, toxic liquids, and the absorption and ignition of flammable liquids. Our chemical suits come in sizes ranging from XXS-12XL, which makes them accessible for anyone using them and ensures workers using them have a wide range of sizes to choose from to feel comfortable in. Other than that, we also offer multiple choices of colours, which are navy blue, green and orange. So, if you are looking for a chemical suit supplier who will deliver with quality, then look no further as Petrochem Safety is your go-to supplier.