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The fire retardant jacket is essential to any workforce dealing with dangerous flames and high temperatures, especially due to its versatile uses. In fact, high-quality and long-lasting jackets are important for workers who operate in high-risk environments. Thus, Petrochem Safety is to provide and equip the workforce with fire retardant jackets. In addition to the amazing jackets, we also supply pants that provide an added layer of safety.


Uses of Fire Retardant Jackets

These jackets are versatile and suitable for use in several work environments and tasks, which include:

  • handling of combustible materials
  • electrical work
  • handling of corrosive materials

By pairing the fire retardant jacket with the fire retardant pants, you are assured safety when carrying out your high-risk tasks.

fire retardant jackets
feature of fire retardant jacket

Features of Fire Retardant Jacket

Our exclusive fire retardant jackets and pants are sought after by many due to their extensive and great features. Firstly, these jackets that come in different sizes, are made from a variety of materials, ranging from the Westtex Synnergy Pro and the UltraSoft, which are sure to accommodate you to your liking. Furthermore, it is also available in a wide array of colours for you to choose from. The handy snap button, FR Velcro and FR zipper offer easy application and comfort to the user. Its loops for walkie-talkies on the jacket are a neat addition for workers on the job. Additionally, the fire retardant jacket, which is also available for use during the winter, comes with a secure hood and a double-layered jacket with inner batting to ensure safety and protection in cases of flash fires. As the top supplier of fire retardant jackets Malaysia, we are wholly committed to providing you with these sturdy jackets for the protection of your workforce by catering the specifications of such jackets to your satisfaction.