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Fire Retardant Coverall Supplier Malaysia

By playing our role as the top fire retardant coverall supplier in Malaysia, we are committed to the humble goal of offering these fire retardant coveralls Malaysia made of the finest materials for those that commonly deal with combustible materials and harmful toxic hazards on a daily basis. Besides, as the top fire retardant coverall supplier in Malaysia, we ensure that our coveralls are made with care and with the purpose of providing secure protection. All of our excellent fire retardant coveralls stand out from the market due to our fast delivery time and affordable yet competitive pricing. Our fire retardant coveralls are made up of fabrics treated with chemicals that ensure combustion takes place at a slower rate, thus decreasing the flammability rate. Ultimately, workers are protected from injuries due to the adverse effects of combustible materials. To suit various workforce operations, these coveralls are available in different types, with each made with specifications to accommodate a variety of tasks for firefighters, workers in the oil field, and more.


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