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Our PPE suits are designed specifically to be used for medical purposes. In medical settings, our suits are designed to protect against biohazards, chemicals, and micro-organisms in order to prevent infection and contamination. We have various types of PPE clothing, such as PPE front liner uniforms, surgical caps, doctor’s surgical gowns, medical face shields, and medical shoe covers. We also provide PPE fabric that can be bought as woven or non-woven. Or garments also aid in providing protection against the pandemic.


Product Materials

As a medical PPE supplier Malaysia, our products follow the FDA regulations and goes through barrier performances where they are tested for resistance to tears and stages. They also go through tests for biocompatibility, fluid resistance, and flammability.

Our gowns are made from polypropylene, which is a soft and comfortable material. Polypropylene does not absorb water and has zero water content. Polypropylene is a material that has antibacterial properties and alkali corrosion. Our gowns are made up of 100% fibres and have good air permeability. They are also easy to wash and dry.

medical ppe supplier malaysia
quality & safe medical supplies

Quality & Safe Medical Supplies

Established as a medical PPE supplier Malaysia, we strive to make products from FDA food grade raw materials and does not contain chemical ingredients. Our garments are non-toxic and do not irritate the skin. We also supply cytotoxic PPE, which is a special type of fabric that is needed when handling some cancer drugs. All of our garments have the certificates of CE and FDA.

In addition to garments, we also supply gloves that protect hands, masks that protect the mouth and nose, respirators that protect the respiratory tract from airborne infectious agents, goggles that protect the eyes, and face shields that protect the face, mouth, nose, and eyes. These are helpful during procedures that are likely to generate splashes of blood, body fluids, and other secretions.