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As a leading protective clothing manufacturer in Malaysia, our prime focus is to make sure that our products serve their purposes in keeping you safe against various harmful elements such as dangerous chemical substances, fires, grime, grease, or even dirt.


Oil and Gas Management

As one of the by-products of crude oil refining, naphtha is widely used in chemical manufacturing, which is an integral part of medical and other industrial applications. Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) that complies with multiple standards is needed when managing it, especially if it is at an extreme temperature. Wearing suitable PPE is highly advised as it allows you to handle such material more securely, on top of protecting workers, especially those in the manufacturing sector, from casualties, and preventing any legal repercussions.

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Electrical Management

Electrical hazards are a significant concern in the manufacturing industry. Fortunately, there are particular protocols in place for them to abide by. Such regulations may prevent them from being victims of potentially lethal incidents. Designated PPE such as voltage-rated gloves should be put on or made available to workers as it is one of the last lines of protection.

If you are searching for the right protective clothing manufacturer to satisfy your workplace needs, then look no further. Petrochem Safety is the perfect solution as we offer free drawing, and artwork choices if you are in the market for custom-made designs. With our swift and excellent delivery rate, your satisfaction is our guarantee.