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Our Services

In every high-risk work environment, those handling combustible materials require fire retardant protection to guarantee safety. With our years of experience in the field, Petrochem Safety aims to use our expertise as flame retardant protection manufacturers to provide high-quality products to all our clients. We understand that products made from the finest materials can prove to be the defining factor in saving a worker’s life. Our skilled team works tirelessly to ensure that your desired products are manufactured to perfection and delivered efficiently.

What Makes Us Special​

Our prices are carefully formulated with customer satisfaction in mind. By offering competitive pricing, we are able to be on par with international brands, while remaining affordable to our clients. We believe that great prices, coupled with high-quality services and products, provide great value for money to our clients.

We fully comprehend the significance of customization to accommodate our clients’ needs as we believe their employees deserve the best. The professional and collaborative relationship we have with our clients is the key to providing clothing tailored to what is specified by our clients.

As always, we strive to deliver the best flame retardant protection that we have to offer to clients across a multitude of industries. Hence, we aim to maintain our fast delivery times as we are fully aware of how crucial our products are to our clients. Our team will ensure that your orders arrive on time without any damage. 


We Serve Different Industries

We pride ourselves on having a diverse range of products that are not only of the highest quality but also versatile for use. Our line of wonderful products includes:

  • fire resistant clothing
  • personal protective equipment
  • chemical suits

These are just some of the many products we manufacture and supply to our clients that are catered to their wants and needs and suitable for most work environments dealing with flammable materials and other toxic work hazards. With our extensive experience, our products are preferred across various industries. Our high-quality and durable products serve industries such as:

  • firefighters
  • professional lab workers
  • industrial workers
  • oil & gas
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