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Petrochem Safety is proud to be partners with an established company like Westex Asia. It is one of the largest producers of superior flame-resistant (FR) fabrics in the world with patented technologies, the widest range of fabrics, uncompromising protection, maximum comfort, lifetime FR guarantee and proprietary processes. With our partnership with Westex, we are able to provide our clients with the best products in flame resistant and flame retardant apparel.


Environmental Responsibility

Large companies and organizations all use the fire-resistant fabrics made by Westex Asia as their fabrics are highly regarded. Companies such as Shell, Hibiscus Petroleum, CJ Group, Baker Hughes, and Arkema are some of Westex‘s notable clients and use the fire-resistant fabrics made by them.

Westex is fully aware of their responsibilities to the environment and they take full responsibility for this. The company addresses the waste from producing its fire-resistant fabrics and is committed to doing business with the highest ethical standards. As a carbon-negative certified company, they capture and offset more carbon dioxide than they emit. Westex is also constantly sourcing for responsible suppliers and creating products that do good for the environment.

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Why Choose Us

With our partnership with Westex, we are able to provide high quality fire-resistant products and position ourselves as one of the largest chemical suit, fire-resistant suit, and coverall suppliers in Malaysia.

It also invests a tremendous amount in their engineering department to ensure that the production of their fire-resistant fabrics are done well as it is a key element in their arc flash and flash fire protection garments. Westex Asia’s proprietary technology gives us complete control over the safety and comfort of the garments that we are wearing from start to finish.